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In the heart of Brianza, in Mariano Comense, Molteni creates and produces a collection of elegant household linens, made with extreme attention to detail.

Molteni takes great care in through each production phase, from raw materials to the final product. This is possible because of all phases are directly managed and monitored: from the yarn used to create the fabric, to the box used to elegantly package the finished linens. The colour, sheen and quality of the fabric combine to release their intrinsic beauty of contrasts and pairings that in turn suggest ideas and innovative solutions for interior decorating and furnishings.

The specific weaves and fabric constructions, along with a meticulous selection of colours, brings the Molteni Home Collection to life as an enthusiastic choice of expression that lets you decorate every room of your home with shades and coloured effects that bring new charm and light to very well known settings. Natural fabrics are very special and our cotton, linen, satin and silk are able to convey particular feelings and sensations to those who enjoy them beyond simple everyday use.

Molteni Home completes the household linens collection with countless accessories. Blankets and throws in pure wool, mohair and cashmere were designed and produced to enhance the enjoyment of your home. A collection of towels and bathrobes are the perfect finishing touch in bathroom decor. Fine tablecloths and runners made of innovative fabric and colours dress up your table in response to the most exclusive taste.

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